EGKK Madness- First 757 flight😝

Quite fun day, geneva atc went out tho. Egkk was so busy spent 43 minutes waiting to leave

Egkk still super busy


How you liking the 757! ;)

I believe I was the ground controller at the time !

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found it good, take off was smooth. Found the rudder quite strong tho, so i’d need to apply less rudder next time

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nice, when you went off it was chaos, planes taxied through each other!

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Haha I like it too

yeah haha tmr we flying cabo verde around west africa:D

I’ll join you 😎😎

reported as many as I could / saw

i’ll probably do it around 13:30 zulu

yeah, crazy 2 planes took off at 1 time😂

Thats me in the Vueling A320 in the last pic. Cool photos

I’m happy that you love the 757, you can go ahead and make a #screenshots-and-videos topic after you read the categories rules if you’ll like.

thanks, it was busy wasn’t it lmao. i spent so long waiting for departure. i’m flying out of egcc later to egkk hopeuflly it’s smooth

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yeah i will thanks. how’s the 757 been for you?

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