EGKK ATC Timelapse - 21.7 Madness

IFATC Timelapse @ EGKK

Today we received a new update and London Gatwick Airport started filling up very quickly. My session started as the tower controller for @Dan’s stream coming from Edinburgh (EGPH); the airport was hectic, huge lines of aircrafts awaiting departure added to the arrivals that were coming on the stream, plus one or two pilots unfamiliar with ATC instructions.

My first mission was to order inbounds as much as I can from Tower, but then I realized that it wouldn’t be possible to get them sequenced with so many aircraft. I had to ask for Radar relief to focus 100% on taking that long queue out as fast as possible.

Frequency Controller
Ground @PilotA320
Tower @nicopizarro
Approach @NJ24
Center @NJ24
23NOV21 // 1900Z // Expert Server

Click below to watch the Timelapse:



Amazing Timelapse! I saw that huge line. Great job bro!

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Amazing Timelapse , y’all did a great job. Also a pretty satisfying seeing those departures.

Your fav first graduate NC

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this is one of the cooler time lapses I’ve seen. well done with the sequencing. its not easy to get pilots to that level of precision, and that says a lot about the charisma of the aircraft on the frequency.

Hope to fly with you sometime soon!

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Thanks for your kind words! It indeed requires some practice to be confident enough to work on tight spacing, but it was all a result of the great spacing provided by approach (NJ24) and the proactiveness of the ground controller (PilotA320).

See ya around!

I would love to hear your tips on becoming a top notch IFATC. I am familiar with radio procedures in the real world, but find that my fingers can’t always move fast enough to get everyone the desired radio call in the most timely manner on infinite flight.

Clear skies!

Sure thing! I’ll send you a message.

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This looks awesome! Apologies for the inaccurate tower view placement if you noticed. This should be fixed in the next update


Luckily spawned in 75 minutes back when there was ATC present with some 10+ or more aircrafts at Gatwick— later on it got really busy with fighter jets landing - lot of departures in sequence lined up for- lot of fun

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Great time lapse! Well made👏

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Stunning! I always find this kind of visual very interesting to watch. I hope to become an ATC some day and be able to guide those planes with such accuracy, too!

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Amazing timelapse!

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