EGKK - A Quick Note

Hey guys! Since London Gatwick is open for the next few hours with today’s Expert Server schedule, I just wanted to publicly clarify this.

You do not need clearance to cross or enter runway 26R/08L.

There is a TFR above the airport announcing that the runway is operational as a taxiway and closed as an active runway, so it has the exact same rules as any other taxiway. You can taxi on it, cross it, and hold behind another plane on it. In that same vein, you cannot use it to takeoff or land.

No big deal if you get confused - being on the safe side and requesting it is rarely a bad idea - however, in discussing with my fellow IFATC members, we agree that there is no extra clearance required and any request by a pilot should be sent a “Already cleared to cross” message as a response. This isn’t malicious or trying to make you feel bad or dumb that you may have forgot something, it’s just procedure. You will not be ghosted or reprimanded for entering the “runway” without specific permission.

I hope this helped at least some of you. :)

Happy flying all!


Thanks for clarifying, I’m sure there are plenty of people that wouldn’t know to do this.

Speedbird 1 is taking off runway 26R departing straight out 👌👌

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I don’t know why people still do this when there’s a BIG Red Circle around the airport. Thanks for head up for everyone! ✌


Also everyone remember that going forward this TFR will most likely be used in the future, so remember that it will be enforced by ghosting without warning at all times the TFR is up.

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Thanks for the clarification! I did pattern work there earlier and having the IFATC there makes the experience so much more enjoyable!!!

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I was stopped on that runway and I got a « runway idle » warning. What am I supposed to do?


Which runway?

You’d have to move. While ATC and other traffic will recognize it as a taxiway, the app itself sees it as a runway, so normal violations would apply if you remained motionless.

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What should we do to get out of that situation?


If ATC is active, you’re allowed to sit on the “runway” for extended periods of time without risking a violation/session ghost. If there’s no ATC, however, your best bet would be to start taxiing or move onto a regular taxiway, especially if there’s a long line for takeoff.


Ok, thank you!! I’ll keep that in the back of my head next time I play.

Thank you for this! I was controlling earlier today and the amount of people who requested to cross…lol

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Thank you for this helpful reminder! I think it would be helpful if IFATC controller had the option to put that into the ATIS.

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I agree! Really wish this was a thing. Either that or custom NOTAMs.

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I do believe there is an until further notice NOTAM explaining this very thing.
But as @TaipeiGuru said above, no ATC be mindful the sim sees it as an active runway.

There is a TFR in place above the airport, which people may still miss, misunderstand, or ignore. However, there are no specific instructions as to how to go about it. Common sense would tell you it’s fine to go about your taxi without extra clearance, but your not-wanting-to-get-ghosted attitude may get the better of you. No harm in clarifying :)

Total agree, a NOTAM also appears when you spawn in. my only worry is the people who don’t/miss/ignore TFR and NOTAM would also miss/ignore ATIS.

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