EGKA Runway Layering

How hard is it to put asphalt runway 02 at EGKA on top of the grass runway 07?

Google image;


Also, if someone does do a bit of editing, adding some of the yellow taxi lines would be helpful, and the placement of the unlicensed parallel 02/20 grass runway/taxiway seems a bit off.

I don’t know whether or not we have access to layering the runways (which runway is on top of the others). If someone with a bit more knowledge such as @carmalonso or @Henrik_B or @dush19 could answer that would be awesome.

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I’m guessing it is to do with priority or sequence of runways. Whichever is the top runway in the code I think would be on top. This is really a question for @philippe as he creates the code which determines the translation from apt to IF

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This is from our editor:

As you can see 02 is above 07.

So to answer your question, quite hard.

Thanks @IceBlue for doing that. As I mentioned Philippe will need to look at his code. This is not a common occurrence so has probably never been investigated. Great find!

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Sorry, I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic, or saying it has already been fixed for a future terrain release, or saying the layering in the airport editing app is not reflected in the main IF app …

The layering is a default in the IF app (we don’t know that) Looks like grass is always above asphalt runways.

the layering doesn’t change with any change in level in our editor

Put simply it is beyond our control. Philippe will need to take a look.

It’s the same phenomenon as concrete always being layered above asphalt.