EGJJ Tower/Ground Expert Server

Could someone tag the ATC at EGJJ around 7:25 cdt. I need to tell him something. It’s not bad tho.

Was this on expert or training server?

Expert sorry

Do you know there names/usernames?

Yes. That’s why I need someone to tag them. It’s not on ifc

Its F Javier Martinez

@F Javier Martinez



Thanks. Mods clan close this now

In the future, and this goes for all, when looking to contact an IFATC controller on the forum, please try a few different things when looking for their username. We try to make it as easy as possible by having our in-game display names be the same as our IFC usernames, but that’s about all we can do. If you’re trying to message someone and you can’t find them, try putting a _ instead of a space (which would’ve worked in this case), or even removing the spaces sometimes works. If you still can’t find the person for some strange reason, message a moderator instead of creating a topic. The mods know who is who and can point you in the right direction, without clogging the forum with “looking for” topics. Thanks.