EGGW new runway numbers

After the latest air rac update, London Luton lost 26/08 and changed to 25/07. I was wondering will this be added in 20.1 or when its visable on google maps?


It hasn’t really come up in satellite imagery. It’ll most likely change when a satellite imagery update occurs.

Adding on airport updates are separate to official updates. They come monthly by just a app restart 🙃

It hasnt come on satelite because it openef happened last night

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If its listed in new charts it will be changed, simple fix that doesn’t require imagery.

-edit, looks like someone already pushed the fix, should be in next update

I think you mean IFAET

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Yes, sorry my bad

IFAET adjusts runway numbers when we get notice of official change. It will be in the next airport database update when we have done it.
It was done for EGGW some days ago by @ItsWill and will therefore show up in next airport update.



Fixed by the awesome IFAET