EGGP Liverpool airport scenery and runway issues

Ever since it was released as 3D, Liverpool airport always glitches. When you go through the camera modes when back to cockpit or HUD cockpit you see blurred ground then it eventually loads the scenery in about 3 seconds. I flew out of there yesterday and on the return flight to Liverpool when I was on final there were no altitude call outs, then when touched down reverse thrust wouldn’t work and it just braked hard until final stop. Went outside view and plane was titled up. Think Liverpool needs glitch fixing. The tower view is always a black screen. I have cleared my cache recently. Using IPhone 12 with IOS 15.6.1

Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: IOS 15.6.1

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What plane were you flying?

Boeing 737-800. Never had any issues with that aircraft before

Hi, I believe your issue with the scenery loading in when flicking through camera modes and also the black screen on the tower view may be linked to this:

Try going back to the HUD view without going through the Tower view and see if you have the same issue.

As for the issue with the aircraft I imagine that it is related to the aircraft rather than the airport. Try repeating the landing and see if you have the same issue.

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