EGGP - A340's?

So, currently in EGGP there is an A340, and as a person who flys out of there every year or so, the 99% of traffic in EGGP is the A320 family, B737 Family, Props and GA. So seeing an A340-300 in EGGP is shocking and frankly amazing as it is one of the best designed aircraft of its time, and with its fleeting numbers, to think one of them lands at EGGP is insane.

It’s a charter flight from Vitoria in Spain carrying Real Sociedad football club. Quite a rare aircraft these days

Hiya, for FlightRadar findings, id recommend using this thread ( FlightRadar24 Findings - [Part 4] ) so you dont clog up the forum, as this is a post in the #general category. Well done on your catch though!


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