EGGD Spotting? Completed It Mate - Bristol Spotting 08/03/24

Spotting @ EGGD 08/03/2024, RWY 09

Who’s that stud spotting at Bristol for the 100th time?

Still can’t escape the clouds. Who invented clouds? I’d like a word.

PH-EXG, Embraer E175STD, KLM Cityhopper

KLM51E from Amsterdam

G-EZGH, Airbus A319-111, easyJet

EZY16ZR to Faro

G-EZOX, Airbus A320-214, easyJet

EZY28QX from Geneva

G-UZHR, Airbus A320-251N, easyJet

EZY81DM to Geneva

PH-EXG, Embraer E175STD, KLM Cityhopper

KLM48R to Amsterdam

G-UZLC, Airbus A320-251N, easyJet

EZY46KP to Alicante

EI-HGX, Boeing 737 Max 8 -200, Ryanair

RYR3BT to Malaga

G-EZGK, Airbus A319-111, easyJet

EZY18MT from Glasgow

G-EZDX, Airbus A319-111, easyJet

EZY764T to Glasgow

G-UZHH, Airbus A320-251N, easyJet

EZY96RK from Belfast

G-EZTC, Airbus A320-214, easyJet

EZY159L to Edinburgh

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4
EF Extender 1.4x III

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Bristol Spotting | July 20th, 2019

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Light work mate


Viewing this topic while listening to rock is an experience I recommend.

Incredible shots, I love your editing style 🤌
Keep it up

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I really like the easyjet one!


I also quite like the easyJet one!

It’s a shame though that Bristol just doesn’t get any variety of traffic. Pre lockdown we used to also get Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thompson (now TUI), a regular aer Lingus service.

Now it’s just a lot of orange and a lot of blue 😔

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Cool pics. :)

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Are you sure there’s weather that exists that doesn’t just consist of just clouds? Might be a fairy tale.

Nice shots! All the planes looks so shiny. Nice work!


Βrilliant shots 🤩

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Love this picture!
Suggestion: if you wanna prevent a nearly all-white background (like the one below here), you can mask the aircraft and sky individually and make the sky darker


Impossible. It can’t exist

Thank you!

Would work if I could be bothered to do masking 🤣. Editing is my least favourite part of spotting, so I tend not to spend an incredible amount of time on it 😅


Fair enough man. Dude I hate masking, that’s why I take so long to edit shots from just ONE spotting session 💀

The fun part of spotting is the part where you actually go spotting, and talk with friends, imo. Least fun parts are going home and editing.


I have lots of photos that are yet to get a topic. RIAT 22, 23, a number of visits to Heathrow, none of which have been uploaded because I just haven’t got the time to waste on editing.

The auto mask in lightroom is getting smarter, but unfortunately it’s not enough to really use in place of manually masking. A full spotting session can be well over 100 photos, narrowed down from over 2000. I just do very simple colour and lighting corrections to speed up the process 😔


I like to mask in Photoshop for some reason (I know some guys like onemoreweektogo do that too), and yeah you’re right the auto mask tools are most definitely getting smarter but it still can’t recognize small gaps, e.g. near the landing gear and the wings


Felt on a personal level @Altaria55’s got a whole session edited before I finish enough for an IFC topic.


Smh, this is why Adam is clearly the better photographer


at this point I don’t even bother to edit narrowbodies unless they’re special 💀💀💀


WOW, great shots! What shutter speed did you use for this photo?

And the shutter speed for this one?


Thank you!

1/60 on the top one and 1/50 on the bottom one. I did manage to shoot some at an even slower speed, but I wasn’t using a tripod (they’re all handheld pans 🍳) so they didn’t come out great.

I’m still learning when it comes to panning shots, they aren’t something I do a tremendous amount of as most places I spot just don’t benefit from it.

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Nice, thanks! I tried the background blur effect as well… not so easy.

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rare sight of bristol airport using 09s


The quality on these are so good. Those head on nose gear lights are always a attractive when your that close. Looks symmetrically framed and aligned perfectly.

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