EGDL Glitch

This is so cool

How to recreate
1_Open Infinite Flight

2_Go to either “Fly Solo” or “Fly online” (if online go to casual cos you will get a lot 'o violations)

3_Select any aircraft (preferably 787 because other ones just do loop de loops. The 787 is the only one that facepalms)

4_Select EGDL ( Raf Lyenham) from the London region (in solo, go to RWY 24 takeoff)

5_Fly and enjoy ur facepalm.

Keep your device on overnight and see what altitude it reaches


Very nessecary title 👍


You need to check your emails ;)


I need to space launch my 787 right now.

Not working for me…

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And charge his battery regularly.

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You might need to fix this lol

Also can you make the title a bit more. Descriptive

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The bug has been present in several versions of the program.

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I believe this may be a know issue.

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Considering that it is region dependent, I have a feeling global will fix this as well.

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They removed EGDL because it was half over the border.

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When I saw the title, I thought it was a glitch in the design and I was like “Who screwed up this time?” Then I was like, “Perfect title 👌🏼 -___-”

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