EGCC: Some Observations

Thank you very much for this, really just hope all pilots read this. As much as I thought I would enjoy reporting people, it really does surprise me when I think that this is happening on the expert server.
I was not here at EGCC today, but I can tell you did handle everything amazingly @Thunderbolt, thanks you very muchI feel ur pain
And also to cheer everyone up I swear on many things that isn’t a rick roll

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Personally I think even though we change various requirements and all that, the “unprofessional” will always be seen around we can’t really avoid that even by how much we strengthen the Expert Server.

With that said I appreciate every single controller and moderator out there keeping everything top notch, and makes us pilots enjoy the realistic environment and yes, serious flying.

I myself payed a visit to Manchester today it looked “alright” to say the least until I saw a plane landing on the grass next to 05R, and a few planes smelling my lovely APU I have in the back.

Lastly a huge thank you @Thunderbolt for making this and lighten the issue we all are currently dealing with in the Expert server.


Just wanted to thank everybody for their comments (and not turning this thread into chaos). I am certain that if we raise the necessary awareness for these issues, we can become better. Together, we are one. Together, we will become better.


I was controlling EGCC before you, thanks for a much needed post.

It’s like the world has forgotten what a gate hold is, if it’s in the ATIS then please don’t request to pushback! We are holding you there for a reason. If you take 10 minutes before you land to review some tutorials, that would help, a lot. It’s not like we don’t do the same, I review the IFATC guide at least once a week.


I completely agree, the expert server is definitely not what it used to be and as much as we want something to be done about it, I don’t think that will happen very soon or even at all. Which is annoying. However I am definitely not someone to say what they should do and what they shouldn’t do.

I think a post like this should get more recognition but focusing more on the WHOLE picture and not the experience you had at EGCC today however they do link with 99% of the problems other controllers get on nearly a daily basis.

I also do think that the ‘Check user guide’ command we are able to use isn’t taken as seriously as it should be now, if people get the message they just think “oh, I did something wrong. I’ll behave” and even then, some don’t listen and end up with a report. There should be something done about it no matter how little a change it makes, as long as it makes change.

This is the best community I’ve seen on any sim/game, we hold the ability to get recognition from the moderators and staff and they actually listen, it’s absolutely amazing. Something can actually be done to enforce rules on the Expert server more.

Have a great day IFC C:


Totally agree.
And I personally always avoid crowded ATC airports - but that’s my choice.

To balance things a bit for the sake of neutrality, I think it would be worth considering the fact that suggesting to all pilots of an entire server - roughly 600 to 700 - to head out towards an extremely narrow number of airports which will inevitably find themselves way undersized is neither a realistic nor very pragmatic.

While not justifying the misbehavior of certain pilots, these type of overcrowded gatherings can only favor risking the expert code of conduct and inexorably make it less enjoyable for both controllers and pilots.

I get and share the interest for getting a bit of controlled activity since it’s kind of the fundamental added value of the expert server, but would realism not also focus towards balancing the flow across the maybe top 10 busiest airports in the world in a manner that would benefit all regions, hence all VAs, all pilots, realism and consequently the expert server itself?

Controllers can blame pilots all day long.
Pilots can blame controllers all day long.
I believe everyone wants to do its best and enjoy. And maybe the problem is not where everyone seems to point out.

Maybe it isn’t a good idea to send that many planes in that few airports given the profile of IF at this time. Rules and violations will only fix these many problems. After you reach the limit you have to the same with expectations or else you start hitting the enjoyment aspect of flying - which is actually what is happening.


Nice topic ThunderBolt! I personally had issues today at EGCC having to go around 4 times… these were mainly due to the pilot errors listed above ;)

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Yes, this morning while at EGCC, the queue for runway 5L was quite long, and most people were patient, but there was one EasyJet that couldn’t wait, and kept going full throttle and stopping right behind another plane. In the end, the EasyJet got ghosted for taxiing through a RyanAir.

Thanks for keeping order at EGCC, it was quite something.

1:51 till I land in KLAX, it has been quite a day.

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@Thunderbolt you just taught me something about exiting the runway lol, I now when needed will exit at 40-50 knots thank you for this topic and every one who’s replying to it.

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When controlling ground, I had several times aircrafts sending duplicate messages. I hold position’ed many aircrafts to let arrival planes going to their desired gate but these aircrafts kept sending duplicate messages. We, IFATC, don’t often forget you and we know what we do, we’re trained for that. As a human and IFATC, I have done some mistakes when controlling, but this time at EGCC, I think aircrafts weren’t patient and experimented. I don’t like reporting people at all, but I had to do it twice (and it was the same guy) for taxiing without permission

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I did not fly to EGCC today but I have a good image of what everyone is describing.

To say that the ES is decreasing in quality is true. This post and replies summarizes it perfectly. However, as personal input, we will probably see little to alter the characteristics of the server. I feel as if pilots definitely need to either:

a) practice on solo (landings, RETs, taxiing speed, etc)
b) practice in an uncontrolled field (unicom usage, more RETs, and landing speeds)
c) adjust yourself to transitioning to an expert environment with ATC

An exam frankly will not resonate well with pilots. They will just claim that the sim is restricting their use of Expert (granted its their own mistake for not following etiquette). Increasing requirements will just increase the time for those same pilots to access the server.

ATC isn’t there to just service aircraft, they are here to help us improve. Yet people mistaken that and believe that ATC yells orders like that one teacher in school. Once they are gone, the hard work is gone. Granted, I have no respect to those pilots.

I feel like KMSY is gonna be worse tomorrow…


This is one of the factors that has made me stop controlling big hubs, including the surrounding airspace. Having to deal with pilots who don’t understand basic concepts such as which direction is left and which is right is shocking. You don’t notice it until you see it from the perspective of being in the tower. At least the smaller airports have good pilots and peace and quite. Really wish Infinite Flight had forced tutorials like Gran Turismo Sport. Would be so much better…


This is why with the current traffic and experience levels, it is best that IFATC only features major airports, as sad as it seems

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There’s been a lot of good suggestions in this thread. If you seriously want the devs to consider anything to improve the expert server quality in addition to what they’re already working on, the #features category already has some great ideas in there. And if anyone wants to add something go right ahead and make a new feature request!


IMHO, and this only addresses the ground issues, the runway/taxiway design at Manchester is not suitable as the main hub airfield in IF. The terminals and taxiways are convoluted and there are lots of runway crossings, one of which puts arriving aircraft across 05L and pointed in the wrong direction on the only route back to the terminal (this is the wrong runway crossing to use when arriving on 05R but alas). Average users don’t research the airfield prior to landing, they don’t know proper taxiing procedures, and the ground controller normally can’t provide progressive taxiway instructions to dozens of aircraft at a time.


the amount of people that tried to cut airplanes holding on taxiway bravo by cutting through alpha and charlie was insane…

God this is so ridiculous, taxiing through each other, 250kts final, lol how don’t controllers lose it 😂

I’m really bad at dogs breeds but is that a Corgi? :P

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In pilots’ defense though - we desperately need a ground taxi directions feature. Something like this.

Honestly, this would probably solve 90% of the taxiing problems in my opinion. I’m a commercial pilot IRL, and I study the airport diagram before every flight on IF, however I still sometimes get confused where I can and can’t turn - and I can’t keep looking down/switching pages to my taxi diagram and risk running off into the grass or taxiing through another airplane by mistake.


Thank you ! Hope more controller speak up about the nightmare that Expert Server has become

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I totally agree with you @Thunderbolt and I would be a hypocrite to say that I didnt make some mistakes when I first joined IF over 4 years ago. I believe in order to fix this problem you need to have different frequencies for ground according to spawn area in airports and different towers according to different sets of runways if you have over 3 rwys. I believe this sort of an additional helping hand will increase effectiveness of IF rule enforcement by at least 200%