EGCC: Some Observations

This is one of the factors that has made me stop controlling big hubs, including the surrounding airspace. Having to deal with pilots who don’t understand basic concepts such as which direction is left and which is right is shocking. You don’t notice it until you see it from the perspective of being in the tower. At least the smaller airports have good pilots and peace and quite. Really wish Infinite Flight had forced tutorials like Gran Turismo Sport. Would be so much better…


This is why with the current traffic and experience levels, it is best that IFATC only features major airports, as sad as it seems

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There’s been a lot of good suggestions in this thread. If you seriously want the devs to consider anything to improve the expert server quality in addition to what they’re already working on, the #features category already has some great ideas in there. And if anyone wants to add something go right ahead and make a new feature request!


IMHO, and this only addresses the ground issues, the runway/taxiway design at Manchester is not suitable as the main hub airfield in IF. The terminals and taxiways are convoluted and there are lots of runway crossings, one of which puts arriving aircraft across 05L and pointed in the wrong direction on the only route back to the terminal (this is the wrong runway crossing to use when arriving on 05R but alas). Average users don’t research the airfield prior to landing, they don’t know proper taxiing procedures, and the ground controller normally can’t provide progressive taxiway instructions to dozens of aircraft at a time.


the amount of people that tried to cut airplanes holding on taxiway bravo by cutting through alpha and charlie was insane…

God this is so ridiculous, taxiing through each other, 250kts final, lol how don’t controllers lose it 😂

I’m really bad at dogs breeds but is that a Corgi? :P

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In pilots’ defense though - we desperately need a ground taxi directions feature. Something like this.

Honestly, this would probably solve 90% of the taxiing problems in my opinion. I’m a commercial pilot IRL, and I study the airport diagram before every flight on IF, however I still sometimes get confused where I can and can’t turn - and I can’t keep looking down/switching pages to my taxi diagram and risk running off into the grass or taxiing through another airplane by mistake.


Thank you ! Hope more controller speak up about the nightmare that Expert Server has become

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I totally agree with you @Thunderbolt and I would be a hypocrite to say that I didnt make some mistakes when I first joined IF over 4 years ago. I believe in order to fix this problem you need to have different frequencies for ground according to spawn area in airports and different towers according to different sets of runways if you have over 3 rwys. I believe this sort of an additional helping hand will increase effectiveness of IF rule enforcement by at least 200%


I’m gonna go ahead and add some other points as a controller.

Disclaimer: the points that i’m going to discuss are related to the HUB of the day, in other airport with less traffic this can be take less seriously. Any point can be discussed to find a conclusion, these are the things i noticed most when controlling on expert.

  1. unless you are told to, please don’t go 160kt at the beginning of the ILS cone, will make controller life worse if someone is behind, try to mantain 190kts /180kts if you need a low speed.

  2. When controller say “exit runway when able, please expedite traffic on final” means that you need to exit the runway as quickly as possible, please don’t vacate the runway at 20kts, you are blocking the traffic and making the controller session very stressfull. If there is a quick exit please exit ar 30-35kts, if there is a 90 degrees exit try to not go slower than 15kts.

  3. when you are lined up on the runway and you recieve “cleared for immediate take off” please release the brake and increase the throttle quick, reply to the take off clearance when you are already moving. Sometimes i see someone sit in the runway doing all the things perfectly, which is fine but please do expedite we don’t have time to lose.

  4. If you are 2 nm final and see a plane in the runway, please don’t go around. you won’t crash, trust me the controller has the finger already in the go around button to let you do a safe manouver. Going around by yourself (unless you have something not working on your plane) is totally useless and annoying.

  5. When on ground please take an eye to the pilots around you, controller can’t give instruction everytime because you can’t wait a second. Please be a good pilot.

  6. Please (again) don’t taxi at 30kts in the middle of the airport, you are unpredictable, especially in turns with other planes. A proper and safe speed is 15-20kts in lonely taxiways, in taxiways close to gates a proper speed is under 15kts and in turns not faster than 10kts. (speaking about airliners from a318 to a380, other planes like fighters or general aviation have other taxi speeds)

  7. This is pretty personal but a good point to discuss. As soon as you are holding short request departure, don’t wait the plane you are waiting for lands, the controller can issue you an immediate line up and wait instead of waiting you to send the message.

  8. Don’t request pushback if someone is behind you, wait until is clean. Controller will lose a lot of time staying on your box message waiting for traffic behind you to leave position.

And if all of this may not be realistic, please remember that the amount of traffic the HUB receives in infinite flight is not comparable to real life. Using these tips will make controller life a lot less stressful and we can all enjoy the game instead of complaining.


I see pilots ignoring this all the time - I’d be second in line - the guy in front gets to the HS line and then just sits there - waits for e.g. 2 planes to lands AND THEN requests departure - and I’m like "HURRY UP’.

I dunno why but some pilots seem to think you can only request departure when the ILS/GPS cone is empty.

One of my pet peeves, following someone who fully configures and is down to 160 kts or less at 10nm+ out. Unless you have been told to slow down that early in the approach or you need to due to preceding traffic this really is not realistic.

Obviously if someone in front of me does that I will slow to try and maintain separation, but it is annoying and shows that the person concerned does not understand basic approach profiles. This is a correct profile:

Traffic and controller permitting of course, you enter the ILS around 190 kts, and don’t reduce to 160 kts until, about 6nm. That is still plenty of time to finish configuring and becoming fully stable before passing 1000ft. Exceptions to that may be where you are doing non-precision approaches or steep glideslopes where slowing and configuring early may be appropriate.

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This is horrible, sometimes I find myself at full flaps gear down more than 10nm out of the airport because the plane before me has decided to take it slowlyyyy

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Your premonition was correct. @Babacar was doing a valiant job controlling the KMSY tower, but it’s a game of whack-a-mole with a bunch of folks trying to cut in line going 250 knots while I’m on short final.

Here’s what I don’t understand (speaking to the offenders): What is the rush?! Do you really want to land on top of me?! Is five minutes that important to you?!

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I do completely agree with @Thunderbolt and I also do agree with @Davide_DC, except for point 4:

Yes, you shouldn’t do a ’voluntarily‘ go-around when there’s so much traffic, but doing a go-around in case of an unstable approach, not being established, … is and remains a pilot‘s responsibility in my opinion.


“Unless you have something not working on your plane” is the thing you mentioned here.

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It sounded more like technical issues in your post, which isn‘t what I meant, hence my comment earlier.

Seems that we mean the same thing though, and I do completely agree otherwise.


To imrpove proffessionalism we need a new TYPE of requirement, not increasing the landing count. All that does is make IF more grindy.


This started out as a reminder but ended up being ES suggestions. Some patience is needed as the servers are seeing higher than normal traffic loads.

Server requirements are a delicate balance. Anyone can take a test or rank up but nothing will force them to follow the rules every flight. Some rules like strobes can be programmed. Some rules like speed on the ground are different. Why take away someone’s freedom when there are already rules in place if they go over the limit. Once a plane is in the air it gets exponentially more difficult to identify the situations and who specifically is at fault. Picture a simple scenario where wings clip each other. If both were moving at 10kts, who is at fault? It’s not as clear cut as people make it out to be so every scenario needs to be looked at from every angle. This also makes pilots less likely to fly on the server because there are simply too many restrictions. People today choose the TS over the ES because of the restrictions. A server with 100 people on it is not cost effective, so we need to address the root cause.

The grade changes made are a step in the right direction and helped. The nature of Infinite Flight requires that small changes be made to evaluate it. The staff constantly evaluates and discusses ways to improve this with every release even if it is behind the scenes and not part of the release notes. One root cause is often simple flight training. Over time I’m sure you have noticed the change in tutorial videos, written tutorials, and the IF manual that is now on the website. More will be released that will hopefully make it easier to tie them all together and to make a positive complete user experience.

As always our PMs are always open for questions. This discussion has been good and some things brought to light.