EGCC (Manchester) Rwy Info

I have just noticed that EGCC Rwy surface Info is wrong. It is not Asphault; it is concrete according to Airport Tech web I work there too so I am definety accurate on the info.

Airport editing team should be able to fix this. I’m sure someone will fix it after seeing this topic 👍

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From your linked website.

“Both the runways are surfaced with concrete and grooved asphalt.”

The majority of the runway is Asphalt. Manchester does need updating to my memory, but the runways are correct.

Red = Asphalt
Yellow = Concrete



You can contact IFAET by DM, they will soon start working on it.

I had a similar situation at PGUA, there was @brunocr98 to help!

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Hello @Usman_A,

We know there are airports with runways that have more than one pavement types. The only way would be rendering the runway transparent and add several layers of taxiways under it, so it will look like the real runway IRL. However, putting the runway transparent will appear in IF as a grass runway (that’s something for the developers to fix). For the moment we’re leaving the runways at EGCC as they are now.


Thanks for the responses :)