EGCC-GCTS Highlights

Hi Here are some highlights from my Jet2 Flight LS517 EXS19 Boeing 757-200…


I’m no professional Photographer so obviously they are not great, they were taken on my IPhone 7+ for anyone interested.

These pictures are free to use at your own will, enjoy!

EDIT: On takeoff a green liquid seemed to stream of the wings, anyone have any clue of what this could be?

It was probably De-Icing liquid but I just want to be sure…


Glad to see you back, how was that flight and the duration. Looked like a while.

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Hi!! The duration was a bit longer than usual due to a headwind, 5 1/2 hours I believe, we had a close encounter with another Jet2 752 to our right probably 1000 feet below, that aircraft seemed to fly past us, strange eh?

We also had a female captain, beautiful landing as well…

Sounds like de-icing fluid. Probably Type IV which is known to have a green colour.

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Nice to know, looked a bit dodgy at first but once you thought about it, it seemed fine. The aircraft did look wet on boarding some could have something to do with that.

It wouldn’t surprise me. It was a rather cold morning today. (I live about 15 miles from EGCC)

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A little update as well on further inspection on our flight, I believe we used the KUXEM 1Y Or EKLAD 1Y departure from Runway 23L…

The green viscous liquid is type IV. It specifically designed to be used as a protective layer to prevent contamination forming on the flight surfaces. It comes off above about 100kts.

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