EGCC ATC practice TS1 [CLOSED]

Hi, come to Manchester as I’ll be controlling in TS1 for an hour or two from 0000Z. Come and do patternwork, inbound or outbound flights. Please send feedback afterwards as I would like to know how I did! (Already posted earlier at LEPA but was very quiet so redoing it at EGCC but I’m sorry for spam.) :)
Come and enjoy!

Hello @Ben_faulkner

I have noticed that you have made multiple topics on your openings, if you made a nice simple neat tracking thread im sure we can keep the forum a little less cluttered, if you are having trouble making one I suggest looking at some examples.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ;)


okay im sorry, ill do that next time. Could you close my last one please? thank you :)

@Chief305 isn’t a moderator so he won’t be able to close the topic. Usually moderators leave personal tracking threads be- so I’d just leave the topic alone, or maybe use the same one and input a different airport and time etc when you want people to know your open :)

You could also utilize the flag feature, it is the best most efficient way of getting Moderator Attention ;).

Good one! On my way as PH-ADZ

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Some feedback:
When I was inbound, why the 360? You could have sent me ‘enter left downwind for 31L’. I would have flown over and crossed the airport, turn left to the downwind and go from there.
Remember: after a runway change, always a new pattern instruction.
Good timely landing clearances.
Good runway exit instruction.

Keep going - you’re in the right track!

Thank you for the feedback, the 360 was because I’d just left my phone for a min and came back upstarts and saw you very near, I wasn’t sure what the wind was doing so I didn’t know what rwy to put you on so the 360 brought me time to check the metar I should’ve just let you pass over and put you on left downwind 23L but it was all “in the moment thinking.”

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