EGBB TO OMDB BRUMMIES ON TOUR expert server @EGBB - 131530ZOCT18

Server: EXPERT

Airport: EGBB

Time: 15:30Z TAKEOFF TIME 18mins from now

NOTAM: COPY MY flight plan

AIRCRAFT 777- 3 777- 2 A380 welcome


Make sure to include the date, location of departure, and zulu time.

cool event but make sure to show the arrival airport unless you are doing patterns

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Please take a look here for correct formatting information regarding events.


Thank you misha was a flash post to get a group of good pilots trying to keep to a schedule sorry it was wrong

Right I’m off guys The real A380 is on final into egbb

Oh I’m annoyed I missed this flight from my home airport 😡

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@Ian_Farquharson Find us on FBMessenger via the IFC and contacting our very own @Jonathan_limento INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL PILOTS

Look us up

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