EGBB Birmingham Atc Open [CLOSED]

Come along and have some fun on playground. Feel free to give feedback.
Pattern work accepted
Also if you are coming please say aircraft and call sign.

Let’s have a look…


I would like to come!

But I don’t have the update, and because of all the Bugs with iOS I don’t feel comfortable with the actions from ATC. But when the update comes out happily fly my Airbus A320! C’mon Apple!

You don’t need the update. Also I’m iOS as well.

There are no bugs on the iOS version (I’m using iOS as well).

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Are you on your way

What I mean, is land changes. Also seeing 737BBJ’s running around disturbs me.

There is one plane in the whole region which is and a340 and now Another plane has spawned

is Laurens there?

Winds blowed me almost off the runway!

But earned 348 XP for only 14 minutes in the air ;)