EGBB ATC Trolling (Grade 2 Server)

What can I do about trolling ATC’s? He’s repeatedly telling me to line up and wait. So I do, he then decides to tell me to expedite so I do, he tells me to follow instructions, tells me to hold short and this goes on, can someone take action? I have his name.


This was on the Training server. You can not do anything about it. People are still learning how to use ATC/how to fly properly.

What you can do: Fly a lot to get on the Expert server, this won’t happen there. :)

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Yes I suppose so, but it does waste time and it aggravates me.

It’s the training server. Just ignore it, not much can be done on that server as it’s for training. I would personally try and follow instructions but if they are trolling then just fly on your own accord.

Okay, thank you for your advice.

I agree. This is just being a jackass to aircraft, even if it’s on the training server.

It is training server so there is nothing you can do. Trolls are up to no good there.

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Surprisingly it’s the first I’ve come across in awhile.