EGBB ATC Practice on TS1 right now (closed)

Ill be on tower and ground for a little while if anyone wnts to come run patters and give me some feedback


Sure I’ll pop along for a bit

Awesome! Thanks alot

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Il come and do some patterns!

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I will also come (if your still open)

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Your dealing with alot of traffic ,do you want me to be approach so you don’t have the frequency cloged up?

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Thats up to you my friend, im okay with it either way

I better be not because there’s some nimrods

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Some just arent listening


Thanks for the service! It was mostly great, but I have some pointers for the future:

I didn’t receive any "enter left downwind"s or other pattern instructions. I had to report that I was on downwind (I shouldn’t really need to do that).

I received some very late landing/option clearances. I had to report I was on final when 300ft above the runway at one point cause you hadn’t cleared me to land. I should not need to report being on final.

When you cleared me for the option, you don’t need to say “make left traffic” every time. You only need to say it if you are changing the direction of traffic I need to make.

Shame about some of the noobs that were there. But anyway, thanks man!

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The make left traffic everytime, i wasnt aware to only do that when changing direction. Thanks!

One of my worst sessions to date. I can believe how impatient some people were. Id tell them to hold short, and they’d almost immediately request takeoff again. And some other people inbound, were requea2tion some of the weirdest things. It was good for the first 15 minutes. Problem is, as airports start getting flights shown at them with ATC, more people spawn in. It definitely got out of hand, i honestly couldnt keep up for awhile there. Id like a do-over one day haha

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Next time for ATC practice try like EGSS , it does not have that much traffic

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Yeah, normally im okay with a decent amount of aircraft running patterns, but there were too many people that didnt know what to do. Id tell incoming aircraft to enter left downwind and theyd go right downwind, number 4 and they cut in number 2. Bunch of crap. I spend more time correcting them that i missed clearing a bunch of aircraft to land.

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