EGBB ATC Plan Tonight

EGBB ATC 1830Z-2030Z (Training Server)

Myself (Approach), Macauley Davies (Tower) Lyndan Ashworth (Ground) will be opening EGBB full Air Traffic service (subject to availability) at 1830 UTC for approximately 2 hours this evening.

Traffic arriving or departing via the airways (above FL100) to use the VOR’s DTY, SWB or TNT in flight plan as initial or final fix.

Circuit traffic can expect radar vectored circuit subject to traffic loads.

Inbounds to contact Birmingham Radar at VOR at approximately FL100. Aircraft above FL110 may not receive a service from Birmingham Radar until below, subject to controller work load.

VFR traffic welcomed, expect traffic service from Approach.

*caution the weird mix of FAA and UK CAA ATC procedure as we mix the UK knowledge with infinite flights FAA terminology.

Hopefully see you all there!

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Hi there,

Is this an event? If so, perhaps better to create a properly formatted Event in the correct category.
If you are opening, together with others, to practice your ATC skills, then I suggest to create an ATC tracking thread for this.

We don’t encourage people to announce here on the forum when they open up on Training Server.

Perhaps a separate thread could be created for this…


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