EGBB 19th July

Apologies to ATC at EGBB tonight, I crashed on runway 15 in a Dash. I had a fox come in my house as I left the front door open as its still very hot. Took my eye of the ball, sorry 😳


Thanks to @anon66442947 (FlyingHigh) for some great approach work also tonight. It made for a great first experience on the advanced server.


It’s a bit too hot though I can’t stand 35degree heat 😒

That’s also the only reason that I’m still awake at this hour… (1am over here in the UK)

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Yep it’s too hot todo anything and I just sleep late anyway as its the holidays, I had two fans as I was dying because of the heat 😂

It’s the humidity that botheres me most. Heat is bad, but a room full of stuffy, muggy and warm air is too much for me personally to take.


Neo, thanks for the compliment as I remember seeing you. Thanks for listening and following instructions.


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