EFIS screen in Airbus

hello, unfortunately I have been observing that some things are missing on the EFIS screen on the airbus.

1.-You cannot see the distance of the VOR 1/2:
we can see this only from the view of the HUD, but in the EFIS screen we cannot see it, which makes it less useful.!

2.- Another thing missing from the EFIS screen is the VOR mode, currently we only have the ARC mode and the NAV mode, and it is an essential option for VOR departures, approximations.images

You like to see this options in future?

Laura did hint something about live traffic on our EFIS screen so maybe this will come with it. 🤷‍♂️

Also please vote for your own request, it’s not required but if you don’t vote for it, it shows you don’t really want it. 🙂


The VOR mode is very need!

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it would be much better if all displays were modified, including a display that reflects height and speed