EFHK 3d A330 Finnair

i have been wondering why 3d is coming to helsinki but it has taken time and infinite flight has not added a330 finnair and 3d helsinki i just wanted to know because it will come, i know how hard it is to answer or not to answer i understand thankyou for reading this

Just as Rome isn’t built in a day, neither are airports. Making 3D buildings is already a long and tedious process, and with larger airports being the centre of attention, it’s only natural that the editors spend the most time, getting as much detail in as possible. Not to mention, the time needed to build these airports can take multiple months, so while the 3D tag may be present in some developer build you’ve seen in the past, it doesn’t tell how far along it is in the production process.

Remember, airport editors are just regular community members who just so happen to be selected to edit. They are volunteers and have busy lives alongside their roles in Infinite Flight.

As for the Finnair A330, that’s something the staff have decided against adding for a multitude of reasons. It may be because there are livery bandwidth limitations, or simply because there are so many liveries, some just don’t make the cut. Nonetheless, if you wish to see the Finnair A330 livery come, leaving a vote in the topics linked below would certainly help the developers gauge where the general interest lies for liveries.


As much as I would also love to see Helsinki become a 3D airport, unfortunately the 3D airport designers do not take request, my assumption is because it is a painfully time consuming task to make an airport 3D so they get to choose what they want and what they have time for, which is a fully respectable reason. However, the plan is one day to have all of the airports to be 3D eventually. As for the a330 Finnair livery I am sure there is already a feature request that is asking for this so I recommend giving that a vote. If there is not, then feel free to make one in #features!

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Helsinki has not been confirmed as an airport that’s a work in progress but it is the goal to have a lot of the worlds airports built and represented.

Things like this take time. If only folks realized how long airports would take to build (it takes weeks to months), the perception of airports would change completely.


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