Effects of automatic low power during landing

As described in the title, my device tends to show the effects of automatic low power during several landing phrases. I am not sure whether it’s caused by an ageing device or other reasons

By “showing the effects of low power mode” do you mean it gets slow?

yeh precisely

Hmm. Have you tried an app restart? Also it could be something with your device. What device do you have?

apple ipad air 2

Judging what it says on the Device Compatibility topic it states,

OS : iOS 11.2.1
Hardware : Apple A8X, 2GB
Rendering Quality : Medium
Rendering Resolution : Low
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : On
Airplane Count : low
Notes : Device can get hot at times and lags when more than four aircraft are present. NOT recommended for global, lag is constant, frequent, and only gets worse.
Also had multiple people comment that the device runs absolutely fine. It appears to be a mixed bag.

NOTE: This was running on an older iOS update so it could not be up to standards.

thanks. My ios are now updated to the newest version

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Does any of the info on what I just stated reflect on what the problem is? :)

sorry not sure what you mean. I will try a new flight in the recommended settings and come back to you

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however, the charging cables and the back of the ipad was running extremely hot at the flight. Was set for all max settings (rendering high plane count high etc)

Could be that, that is making it run slow.

, I need help plzs

Seb has eyes to see, no need to tag him. It’s probably that there are more things to render during the landing phase. Are you generally landing at crowded airports?

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I have an iPad 6 gen and I have been seeing the same situation lately. But I fly through busy airports and therefore began to sin that the scenes are very difficult, although the display of other aircraft is at the lowest level!

When you say the lowest level, do you mean “None” or “some”? I only ask this because if any aircraft ore extra objects are being rendered while your device is on low power, it is inevitable that the device is going to slow down to keep it from overheating.

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The lowest level is “Low”. I do not turn on power saving mode during flight to avoid performance issues. Otherwise, everything is fine, except as soon as airplanes appear on the apron in line of sight, the FPS drops.

That makes sense. Your device is slowing down to keep you from losing power.

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I understand this, so I put up with it and continue to fly, although with a drop in FPS, but with pleasure from Infinite Flight :)
I really love this simulator, since I cannot fly in FSX or Prepar 3D, since I have a Macbook.

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Thanks for help :)

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oh yes, always with approach/centre control

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