Effect of payload on range.

In IF, if the aircraft takes on a lighter load, would the aircraft be able to fly further like irl?


less weight = Less fuel consumption = longer flying distances


No I know that for a fact, but is this simulated in IF?

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Yes, it is.

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MaxSez: Here’s your correct answer which applies to IF. Google is your friend.

“Is this simulated in IF?”

@TOGA… The chart is correct for IF. The parameters, Speed, burn time, range are in the Weight & Balance drop down. IF aircraft are programmed utilizing the actual aircraft operating characteristics. The individual IF aircraft’s Pilots Operational Manual (POM) or Quick ReferenceGuide (QRF) are searchable on Google.

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Ok thanks.

It depends where you are wanting to see it.

If you are expecting to fly further when lighter, yes the weight has an impact.

If you are looking at the duration on the weight screen it is more of an estimate based on fuel and does not take the weight setting into account.


Right, I see. This clears it up, thanks a lot for the answer.

@TOGA. MaxSez: This May help it’s saves time and money::



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oftwn when you’re doing long haul flights it will say that you’ll run out of fuel one hour before and then when you land you find out packed in 6hours too much fuel

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