Effect of altitude on fuel burn

Irl, the higher the altitude, the less dense the air is, so aircraft generally burn less fuel. Do aircraft in IF burn less fuel if they fly higher? Is this simulated in IF?

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Yes. Most real life physics of aircraft are simulated.


I actually don’t know! This is a good question, and I should hope that it is correct, otherwise the physics in the game is not entirely realistic! You’ll have to ask someone else. Sorry!


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It is up to a certain point. If you go too high the AoA becomes high and fuel burn is higher higher than 2000 ft below.


The physics in IF are skewed towards slightly lower altitudes than real life.

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Yes- this is why airliners irl complete step climbs (mostly on long haul flights) as this saves fuel and is more economical. As for the question of is this simulated in Infinite Flight, I believe it is and occasionally on flights above 10 hours I will step climb. It also depends on aircraft and weight of coarse.

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I just tested the effect of altitude on flight burn (consistent weather on single player), it is indeed simulated.

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