@ EFBD - 251500ZJUL19 training flight today( 18 GATES) 4 HOURS

training flight today( 18 GATES) 4 HOUR

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    A321 JETBLUE
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
    15 ZULU PM
  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    GATE 01:
    GATE 02:
    GATE 03:
    GATE 04:
    GATE 05:
    GATE 06:
    GATE 07:
    GATE 08:
    GATE 09:
    GATE 10:
    GATE 11:
    GATE 12:
    GATE 13:
    GATE 14:
    GATE 15:
    GATR 16:
    GATE 17:
    GATR 18:
    ALTITUDE: 26.100
    AIR SPEED: 340

Please change your title to the correct format. Thanks!

You must also realize this needs to take place within three hours.

Sorry to disappoint you, but in order to post in #live:groupflights you must be TL2.

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Please use Zulu time so everyone knows what the time is

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I don’t know if this event is still on, but I would love to come. I have climbed back up to Grade 2, so I am able to attend. :)

I would come except from the fact that thisfight is in the middle of the night for both me and the flight, and also why use a regional American Aircraft in European airspace… I don’t know. Realism is key for me, not sure about some others though.

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I wasn’t planning on using the aircraft he stated. I just wanted to fly with others. :)

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Agreed. I’ve just choked on my food when I saw ‘JetBlue A321’ for a European flight…

Also plus I’m Train-simming now anyway

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EHAM-EGLL happening right now if anyone wants to join in! :)

callsign KLM 101

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