EFB iPad in Flight Deck


I’m writing this today to propose Infinite Flight add an in cockpit iPad like ones found in PC simulators. This will be used to calculate performance, charts and announcements. This will ultimately improve the IF experience.

I agree with this we need this in the cockpit I really love to fly realistic

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Agreed. I tried many of them but one is either too expensive to use for sims(Foreflight) or not working (Airmate).

Hey mate,

Just wondering, is this a feature to have a working iPad in game or just a model of an iPad?

Realisticly a model would be easier to make rather than having a working iPad. With small devices such as a phone etc, having a working iPad would be similar to why having touch instruments isn’t a thing yet


I was thinking the same. It’d be cool but very fiddly. Plus I feel like it would be a lot of coding for just an EFB.

It would not be appropriate to see that kind of thing on a mobile sim (at least for a first iteration). Although, some of the features could very well be integrated elsewhere, such as via an extra overlay screen such as the one for the Map + FPL. It’d be easier to implement too.

Executing realistic refueling + boarding + doing all the V speeds calculations all within one interface in-app would be a neat feature. Plus you could even throw in some flight planning stuff inside (switching between IF + flightaware + simbrief + fpltoif causes a lot of friction)

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Honestly this would be nice but only if we got touch instruments

This would be pretty cool but not very practical for IF. The functionality of the instruments in IF aren’t advanced enough to work alongside an EFB. Ultimately, you’d want this feature to work alongside the MCDU so that you could properly program things. Until then an EFB model would be nice in the flight deck, potentially showing some information like a map or flight progress!

Never say never, this would be cool to have in the future!


In reality, very few EFBs support performance calculations (excluding a range of software such as flysmart, which are also banned at some airports with complex conditions) and it is more a case of consulting charts and company documents.However,still looking forward to EFB being added to IF!

Or just the device with a not work screen but just the image of a real EFB