EDVA Recruitment

Hey guys, I’m glad to announce that Eithad Airways VA is recruiting active pilots who wants all the realism in IF, we assure that you will feel like a real airline pilot.

We have more than 90 destinations around the globe, also we have our own ranking where you’ll start as a cadet pilot to become executive captain!

Want to be part of our team and be better everyday as Virtual Pilot? You just need to fill up this info and we’lll contact you asap!

There’s no requirements to become part of Eithad Airways VA

Welcome to the future, welcome to Eithad Airways VA


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Sounds like a good airline. Where is the website?

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To be honest, Etihad is one of my favorite Airlines ;)


I forgot to put it in! Sorry I’m new at posting, happy to give it to you : https://etihadva.weebly.com

You should edit the main post and put it in there. :)


Yes, they are. @Julian10 you might want to add that.

What happened to this VA? @Julian10

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Hey @Mags885, we’re still hiring, if you are interested

Sorry, I am otherwise committed at the moment. It just doesn’t look like you’re particularly active and your website link doesn’t work.

Might need to work on this thread to encourage new joiners bud

Any staff positions available?

Might need to brush up this airline
Website doesn’t work


I need someone to work with me to create my own VA.

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