EDVA Recruitment Event - A New Era @ OMAA - 212000ZOCT17

Server: TS1 (Global)

Fuel Needed: 2 hours although we are flying for 40 min- 1 hour.

Airport: OMAA

Time: 1630Z

NOTAM The Etihad Crew would like to present a new era in both Infnite Flight and EDVA. To celebrate a new era, in both Infinite Flight and EDVA we are going to fly from Abu Dhabi in formation. We will head east to Dubai where we will Touch and Go and head to a mystery destination.
Here is some useful information about our flight:
Cruising Altitude: 12,000 ft
Decent time: 35 nm from airport
Speed: 260 knots
Aircraft; Any Etihad Livery

Here is the flight plan:


We are very lucky to have a new Head of ATC: @Connor_Seymour. He will cover all ATC for this event.

I will update the flight plan to our new destination after we Touch and Go in Dubai.
I would like to show a Promotional video for the event by our newly hired head of media @Etihad_Air. It is posted on YouTube and on our landing website. Here is the link:

Etihad Virtual Airlines

As mentioned earlier, EDVA is going through New Era. We have a new head of media and head of ATC, which will provide ATC for our events, and will control for group flights and will sometimes control airports, especialy OMAA. Although we have many positions, we are looking for a Deputy President, and Chief and Deputy Pilots. We will be relesing a new website in the coming days. The is the link to our website where you can apply is here:

To join the event just fill out the form below:


Thank you for reading, and I hope you can join the event!


Hm interesting event I like it :)

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If you want to join please just fill out the form and you will get a gate. I hope you can make it!

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I’ll fly 777-300ER, Etihad of course! What time would this be in PST? And what day? Friday, the 20th?

Count me in for the flight

@Spraklin and @ratul_sen please fill this form for to join.

The event will be held Sunday the 22 at 7:30 PST.

Th event will be switched to 2000Z tomorrow. Hopefully more people will come. @Etihad_Air will lead the event until you touch and go at Dubai. Then I will lead you to our mystery destination. Thank you and we are sorry for your inconvenience.

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Did you recruit @Connor_Seymour out of our Slack? If yes, you won’t be part of our VA in future!

He just became head of ATC on our VA

Did you ask him in our Slack, if he wants to be it?

Please take your quarrels to the PM guys.


What gate do i spawn in???

Everyone please spawn at your gate.

Check in gates please.

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