Edoardo_C's ATC tracking thread [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL TEST PASSED]

Hello IFC! My name is Eddie and i will take my IFATC written test on Saturday 22nd August. Before starting my official practical training with my IFATC trainer (@sebi-ue) in the meantime, i would like to improve my controlling skills.


Display Name: IPP BAVA Edoardo C

Current ATC operations: 4423

Server: Training

Airport: TBD

RWYs in use: TBD

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Status: CLOSED

I really hope to see you all and after the session, please write a feedback containing all my mistake( s ).


I’m joining! Should be there in 5mins

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Hi there, after a while i’m opening again my ATC tracking thread because i will take my written test very soon. I closed the prevous one because i was unable to edit it.

I have just opened Dallas Love aiport (KDAL) ground and tower. Pattern Work and Inbound are always appreciated.

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Many thanks!

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Hello I was STELLAR Heavy.

You did great on everything except patterns,

After my transition you told me to enter “right downwind” 31R, but it should of been “left downwind”, when you told the Southwest, to enter “right downwind” runway 31R it should of been enter right base. There were some other moments, but I’m not going to state them all.


But everything else was great! I hope to see you in IFATC soon!


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Hello. I was Southwest 888 :)

Sorry I had to go early, but overall you did pretty well. You spot my runway mistake quite early.
Only one small thing, I was surprised you on guard me at Tower while I was taxiing. You did cancel it though.

Have fun and all the best ~

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I happen to be flying into this airport as we speak, what a coincidence :)

I’ll leave some feedback on my inbound if there is any :)

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Thanks for coming, you were already over the aiport heading towards the right pattern and so i gave you RWY 31R. For SW888 runway change i doubt it was wrong but i’ll check it out.
Have a great day.

Thanks for coming, you too!

KDAL is now closed! It was a quick session, thanks all for coming!

Hey, apologies for joining late.
Although I was only there for a short time, I think you performed really well.

Though I feel like you could’ve not guarded me on ground frequency as I’ve just exited the runway not long ago. But it’s understandable since you wanted to close the frequency.

That’s pretty much all I can give, good luck with your upcoming practical training! :)

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Thanks for coming, have a great day.

@Edoardo_C will you be open tomorrow? I’d like to stop by and check you out 🙂

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Yes but I don’t know when

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PM me on the IPP slack and I will definitely pop along

I will tag you here

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Ground and tower open now at KIND (Indianapolis)

@Anthony_Morgan @Deacon_Williams @Kaven @Oliver02 @Ivan0921 @MJP_27 @Captain_Cign @kieran464 @Madison

Unable to join rn, flyimg out of an event

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Why go around lol, you had plenty of time to adjust with the runway @Anthony_Morgan

Hello. Overall great job :))

My manual flying is not responding at that time, and I figure the bank angle will be too big, so I called for Go Around hahaha

Aside from that, I didn’t see any issue. Thanks for the controlling and happy weekend :)