Edoardo_C’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC! My name is Eddie and i will take my IFATC written test in August. Before starting my official practical training with an IFATC trainer, in the meantime, i would like to improve my controlling skills.

Please note that i wont open everyday.

Display Name: IPP BAVA EDDIE

Current ATC operations: 3665

Server: Training

Airport: TBD

RWYs in use: TBD

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Status: CLOSED

I really hope to see you all and after the session, please write a feedback containing all my mistake(s).


Should be able to come when I land (1:10)

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Perfect! See you later.

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Coming now
I’ll be shown as IFATC Oliver

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Amazing, thanks.

Pushback - Good

  • Hold position to N709LK i would use, use give way to aircraft ahead. Hold position to IFATC Phil was correct
  • Taxi- good
  • Takeoff clr- good, right traffic would be better so I don’t cut across 1L
  • Clearance 1st) you needed to re pattern me since I changed runway. “Enter left downwind runway 17L” then clear
  • Clearances) good
  • Go around (AFKLM274) Very good!
  • Exit runway command, good, but late

Things to work on!

  • Tighter Patterns using 1 runway and 1 downwind.
    You can easily fit 4 in the pattern on right downwind 17R
  • Runway changes, if you want to change someone to another runway you need to “pattern entry” cmd them then clear them.
  • Exit command a bit quicker, didn’t give you much warning that I was on full stop, but you’ll get aircraft like that on ES.
  • Clearances, after the first touch and go clear them for the option, no need for after the option.
  • Go around AFKLM274 was too late, (AFKLM265 on runway)

Things to keep doing(watching from below)
Your sequencing is good, clearing is good, nice and early!

  • Good Early clearances
  • Taxi commands are good!
  • Telling AFKLM274 “Please check assigned runway” was a good pickup

Wow 😳 thanks for the detailed feedback! Appreciate that. I’ll surely work on my mistakes. Thanks for coming and have a nice day.

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Next training session:


Ladies and gentlemen, Milan Malpensa (LIMC) is now open! Fell free to come and fly some patterns.


I’ll stop by for a little bit!

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Many thanks, enjoy and remember the feedback 😃

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Hey there! Nice job! No mistakes for me!

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Perfect, thanks for coming.

Have a nice day,


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Milan Malpensa is now closed, good day!

Berlin Tegel EDDT is now closed!

NOO I MISSED IT! that’s my home airport

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That’s a pity! I’ll try to open tomorrow at the same time

Venezia Aiport (LIPZ) ground and tower is now open!

my phone just died