Edmonton Oilers Flyout @CYEG - 090400ZMAR19

After a long wait, the third event of the hockey city series is out. This event will take place in Edmonton, Alberta to honor the Edmonton Oilers.
Airline: WestJet
Server: Training
Destination: Winnipeg, CYWG
Please DM me if you are a VA and want to sponsor this event!
Next Hockey City flyout will be in Boston
Gate 60


Sign me up

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Okay! I will do that

This Sunday right and at what time

It is this saturday at 400Z or 10:00 central time

Thanks for the info

Tag me when you come to LA for the Kings. I’m the biggest Kings fan in L.A.

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ok I will tag you. By the way, I think Snoopdogg is the biggest Kings fan :)

lmao, we got a lot of hollywood stars who like us. Sucks that our management can’t run the team properly.

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