EDLN IFATC Tim Beckmann Splendid Job

You know who you are! You are one of the most skilled and attentive controllers I’ve flown under.
I’d like to formally apologize for the three go arounds I had to execute. The visibility wasn’t worth a dime. I couldn’t see five feet in front of my nose.
It was literally like just staring at a white wall. Only to about 50 feet off the ground did it clear just enough for me to start seeing airport textures. This first time I almost landed on the terminal (terrible piloting on my side). Second time you issued GO around before I could issue executing missed, becuase I came in to slanted and low. Third time round I just couldn’t find the dam runway. I came in perfect but when it cleared I was landing on grass. Since the 737 doesn’t have auto land I had to land manually and it just became incredibly difficult. So from Pilot to controller I thank you Tim for the amazing job! Tyler give this guy a medal!

If anyone knows how to tag him I’d appreciate it. I’d really like him to see this but I don’t know his ID


Callsign: Southest 508
Aircraft: 737-700
Livery: Southwest (though you probably couldn’t tell lol)

How is it for controllers in this gloom? You can’t see us as aircraft can you?

I said above, I don’t know what his tagged ID is. Read the post ;)

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Thanks for the positive feedback :) Glad you had a good experience.

The visibility hasn’t been fun the past two days, but we try out best.


Hope I didn’t annoy you with all those go arounds. Best of luck mate.

No, it happens, especially when the entire region is a cloud. At least you actually went around instead of just landing on the taxiway, so cheers to you. :) Thanks, again.

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