EDLN departures/ patterns

Ok guys I just came off of approach for EDDL on the expert server. It appears some of you need a refresher of airspace’s. EDLN is a delta airport it’s airspace isn’t that large the red ILS cone means absolutely nothing in terms of its airspace. You cannot depart a delta airport that’s right next to a Bravo airport and just accend into the Bravo without contacting anyone. EDLN was using 13 and EDDL was using 05. 05’s approach path is right over a straight out approach of 13 at EDLN. So what you all should of done is made a downwind or crosswind departure from EDLN. Or contacted EDDL approach after take off. For anyone that was there and departed right into my approach path your lucky you didn’t get ghosted on the spot use some common sense when operating this way. You guys wonder why we don’t fully staff anything this is why. Pull your heads outta well you know.


I was flying there about an hour ago, I took off from EDDL and started patterns at EDLN, finished my patterns and contacted EDDL Tower to fly back.

I admit taking off and turning towards the ILS to enter 05. I contacted TOWER the second I was cleared to and was cleared to land 05. Should I have contacted Approach first even if I was already in the ils for the runway? Hope you can help lol in case I’m one of those mindless idiots you speak of. If so I deeply apologize I thought I was doing the right thing by contacting TOWER right after being handed off. I wasn’t even in the ILS cone when I contacted EDDL Tower. So if you could explain if I did it all wrong I’d appreciate that. I have an open mind to learning.

Was approach active? Where you further then 5 miles out? If the answer is yes. Then the answer is yes.

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