Hello IFC! I have come to you all with a question.
I am helping out with an event (the Quito fly out, which you should all check out…), but am unable to edit the post. Do I have to be a regular to edit posts, or am I just stupid, and can’t find out how…

If you are not the topic creator you cannot edit it, unless a moderator makes it a wiki and you are of course a regular.


So I can’t until a moderater makes it a wiki?

You also have to be a Regular to edit the wiki.

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You can’t even if it’s made a wiki as you’re not a regular.

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Life sucks sometimes. Ok, thanks for the help everyone!

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No problem, always glad to help! :)

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Well, how would it be if everyone could just edit other peoples posts? ;)


Life would suck even more. I understand…

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