Editing VTSS (Hat Yai International Airport) for Infinite Flight | Full Time-Lapse

Hey guys,

Welcome to the first installment of a video series where I show the full process of editing different airports for Infinite Flight. Although many users, both in the community and out, are unaware of it, each airport in the simulator is manually edited by a group of volunteers called IFAET. We individually draw each taxiway, roadway, apron, and taxi marking in a process that sometimes takes several weeks of consistent work. In each part of this series, I will show a full, start to finish time-lapse of the editing process of different airports that I edit around the world along with step-by-step descriptions of what I am doing and a before and after segment at the end. Hopefully, this will not only provide entertainment for people, but help them better appreciate the effort that goes into each and every one of the thousands of edited airports in the sim. Enjoy! If you want to see more of these, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Hat Yai International Airport (ICAO: VTSS) is an international airport in the Songkhla Province of southern Thailand near the city of Hat Yai. Annually, it handles more than 1,500,000 passengers, 9,500 flights and 12,000 tons of cargo. It currently has one 10,007ft runway, a commercial/cargo apron in the north, and a general aviation apron in the south. This was my very first project outside of the US and presented some unique challenges, chief of which was the lack of very high quality imagery to reference from. In all, the editing process took about 7 hours. Most of that is included in this video, although some of the footage of adding markings to the south apron was lost due to my screen recorder malfunctioning.

The fully reworked airport is now available in Infinite Flight, so make make sure to check it out and tell me what you think! It also might be used for a future official event, as it was part of February’s global priority project. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!


Wow! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the IFAET, amazing!

Great work, and thanks for sharing this video!


Thank you for your commitment! Thanks for sharing as well. :)


Wow that’s great!

I must say, I love being part of the IFAET, it is great knowing that something you do is actually going to be in the game.

I also find it quite therapeutic tbh


This is really cool!

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One of, if not the best Airport Editing timelapse I’ve seen! It helps open the eyes of public users, to what we do!

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Great work!
I love to go back to my country (Thailand)

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! This has been very well received in the community and I definitely will be doing more in the future!

Loving this! Just sent it to the team 👏🏼


Wow! This is awesome! As a beginner editor, I find this very inspiring lol

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