Editing style crisis


I spent the last few weeks experimenting with different editing styles. Please tell me what you think, because I really don't know how to feel lmao

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


That first shot is the best in my opinion.


I love all of them, especially the Qantas one. But if I have to nitpick, I don’t like the linear gradients at the bottom


The gradients are a bit extreme (especially in 1), as @callaa said gradients on the bottom are usually not the way to go, and the masking accuracy (especially around flaps/gear) could use some touching up as there are a lot of missed spots and halos. But overall, they look pretty good. Just could use some refinement is all.


They are good to me. Being subject about your own shots are normal but try not to let it affect your confidence or experiment with different ways.

For myself i think the last picture with the red bars is distracting and takes away from the otherwise great picture of it. Just my opinion.

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Thanks! That’s what I thought too. I liked the lighting of the 77W AC but I think I had abit too much fun with the gradients. I’ll try to make them more subtle

Yeah, I used auto-mask for all but the KLM and LH 744 pics. What do you think about the masking for the KLM 777-300ER?

Thanks! I had the red ILS antennas in the frame on purpose actually

Would you suggest gradients from the left/right instead?

It’s not bad, missed a couple spots. Generally with masking you gotta get it at least 99.9% because small mistakes stand out

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Generally gradients should come down from the top only. There are exceptions but 99% of the time if you’re going to use one it’s best to have it on the top part.


🫣 I did not see that but thanks for pointing those out, I’ll fix those when I can

Guess it does take a bit of practice to get the masking completely right

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Hey @AndrewWu can I get your input on the Air China A320 pic? I feel like it’s missing something but I can’t seem to know what and why

I don’t know about missing but I don’t think the gradient is super necessary. Normally you only gradient sky.


A gradient on the apron with some added clarity and a slightly lowered exposure may work. And maybe a bit more pink tint to get rid of that green look because of the windows

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I’ll try that. Thanks for the recs

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