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Hello! My country is loosening lockdown and I’m going spotting. I though it would take the time to maybe change my edit style to something people have more interest for. If you could take a second to vote it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Highly Edited
  • Mild Edit
  • Minor Edit
  • No Edit

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Personally, I’m no spotter, but it’s always good to refine the edges and details of an image a bit, especially if the raw image looks a bit rough and undetailed.


No edit :) All aircraft still look good !

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I voted minor, I like pictures as they are but remove some stuff. :)

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The best photographs are usually the ones that are edited but not noticeable bringing out the all important details to capture the subject.

I suggest taking it slow with minor edits :D

I think minor to mid edits, it is easy to over-edit so I don’t suggest highly edited :)

Minor edits. Who knows whether there is some problem with the original photo, but not too edited because I prefer things closer to the original

I think there potential with minor, mild, or major edits. For example. @Etrain does major edits but his stuff looks amazing. In my opinion you need to edit the picture with minor, mild, or major edits because it makes the picture look better as long as you don’t over edit. You can also save pictures from editing

Example from @AndrewWu


Here’s an example of how far I go. Everyone has their own preference, and it can take me more than two hours to edit a single photo.
This photo was taken by @Speedbird_286 and edited by me.

@Speedbird_286 I hope you don’t mind me sharing this 😁


I’m going to agree with this. There are those out there who edit so much and it looks like they don’t really have an understanding of editing principles. Then there are those who edit so much but their photos look good because they know what they’re doing.

Minor, Mild, and Highly edited photos can all look really good, as long as the editor knows what they’re doing.

Going to pass on the no edit though. Vignette, exposure, dust, fringing, chromatic aberration, weird framing, softness (sometimes), all too rampant when you just leave photos be.


Of course not :)

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It’s really up to you honestly. Sometimes I do major edits, sometimes mild. It depends on the photo.

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