Editing practice

Hey IFC,
I would like to practice my editing skills but I’m out of photos. If anyone has a photo that they don’t mind me messing with, then that would be great. Please make sure the photo is from infinite flight or real world aviation and post it below. Thanks.

Why not go grab some photos yourself? Or perhaps find some laying around Google Images?


Good point, I guess I want some photos with a background or story behind them and If I get photos fro the community, then I know I can get open feedback on the edits. But If you don’t want to give a photo, then that is 100% OK.

Google images are compressed to all hell, and editing them isn’t worth it at all. It’s much better to use photos straight from the camera

No no, I got some for you. Go crazy.

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Thanks very much ;)

Would you like some real world shots? I’ve got a few kinda average ones that im not going to use

Yes please

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I can give you one my dad took this morning

Here ya go

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Thank you very much

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I took this one today

How about submitting via PM. This really isn’t a graphic editing practice forum. Or better yet check out #screenshots-and-videos and send the owners a PM and ask permission to edit.


ok. Thanks @Bryan and if anyone else has photos, they are greatly appreciated but please PM me.

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