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So I just realized I got demoted from regular to member. Don’t know when that happened, but not really an issue. Weird thing is, I can no longer edit any of my old topics - only on one do I have that ability, and that topic was my most recently created one. Anyone have any ideas on why that’s happening? I only wanted to add Xiamen Airlines to my List of Airlines in IF…

I saw a topic (below) similar to this. Does the info discussed in here still apply? Am I understanding I need to become a regular again to edit these old posts if I want to?

If this needs to be closed because of the one above, feel free…

I thinks for members there is a time limit until you can no longer edit(doesn’t apply to Regular’s and above??)


I had the same question several months back. Turns out that the ability to edit a post can expire after a certain amount of time.

If you need it to be edited, I’d be more than happy to do it for you. :)


The reason for this is because that’s not what topics are supposed to be used for. There is a certain amount of time that you can edit a topic and if you want to go back and edit, it’s best you make a new topic as the information is probably irrelevant now anyway.


Thanks for the info! @Carson, two topics of mine I see an issue with in the future are the Absent/Missing Callsigns topic, and All Airlines Currently in Infinite Flight (List). Mainly because both of these are more cumulative/changing lists, it would be helpful to have an infinity edit, if you get my meaning. However, the point is valid that I can just make a new topic with the info, and the other gets closed down. @Henrik, not a big deal, both the lists are wikis, so theoretically any regular could edit them, but I’m not one anymore. I was just going to add Xiamen Air to the “All Airlines…” list I mentioned above. Feel free to do that if you want, otherwise don’t worry about it. Thanks!

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