Editing Pictures

Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone could edit some photos for me?

Thank you and stay safe,

Can anyone edit some for me please?

I can give it a shot, since I’ve got Adobe Lightroom. Send some over

Ok Thank You!

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Sure thing, drop the pic I’ll do my best

Ok got it!

Ill give it a go I suppose

Ok thank you!!

For some reason it’s not letting me send the photos via DM

I can do it for ya!

Send them over!

i can try a couple if you want

I’ll do a few too, just PM me and I’ll get started!

I could help as well. Send one over!

Hey everyone! Thanks for your help! I might send the photos a little bit later


I’ll try some too if you need one more person.

Oh I forgot! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Hello, I’m fairly familiar with editing photos and got a lot of editing background experience. I will show you some of my previous edits, (all edits are mine)


Do you still need photos editied?

No I don’t! Sorry

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