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I would like to request a feature that would allow the main OP to give access to whoever they want that can edit their thread. This can be nice for VA’s so that they don’t have to go back and forth between accounts editing their posts or thread. All they would do is give editing permissions to their main IFC account and that can make it much easier for them.
I DID NOT SEE OR FIND A TOPIC WITH THIS CONCEPT(it may just be what i looked up)

Thanks for reading

Unfortunately this can’t really be changed because we use a platform called Discourse. The Discourse developers are the ones who control all features that are related to the forum.


Discourse features are out of community moderator control as they rely on a third-party. I’d suggest looking at the Discourse community site and look for a feature there.

Wikis are the only possible thing at the moment, although TL3s and above can only edit. If you need to, let them copy the post altogether and they can edit it themselves.

This is currently not possible with our version of Discourse. Discourse uses a different security model for their topics. We have inquired about something similar.

How much flexibility does Discourse give you guys?

We are hosted by them so we have to adhere to their hosting guidelines and policies in terms of plugins and fixes.

Right. It would be interesting if there was something like Discourse but it could be totally customized for the community’s needs. Like a pick and choose community forum I don’t know :P

Which discourse version do we have?

2.5.0 beta 5

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Oh OK thanks

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