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I have an event at Denver next weekend which was posted 61 days ago. There are still quite a few people requesting gates and I am unable to edit the topic or the title of the event page. Is there anything I can do? The event is likely to have IFATC as per request and these people need to be confirmed in the event page. What should I do?

I would recommend to PM a moderator about that so they can help you.

You could maybe write it down on your own piece of paper with the existing and the new members that would like to join?

How will they know that they have that gate? They can’t see that piece of paper, and they need a ping in the topic that lets them know that they are in it.

Maybe create a PM group on IFC with all the people that want to join. Thanks @BadPlane

But you can see it. They know what gates are open currently and then you @ them saying they have a gate but also saying that you can’t edit it but they’re still signed up.

There are too many people to have in one PM. The maximum number is 30 and there are almost 40 people in the event, more than 5 who can’t be put into the event page.

A PM group per terminal?

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Concourse, not terminal, but that means there will be one PM with 2 people in it including myself.

Okay that is fine. I would say do it by concourse then.

That’s how it might have to be then. But as Cam said you could PM a mod and see what they can do.

Which mod?

Which ever one you want to PM

Which one is best with the IFC?

There all great!! Any one is fine.

You can PM @ moderators (with no spaces) and the first moderator available will check out your message :)

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