Editing like other IFC members!

Hey guys! I’m bored and this was inspired by @AndrewWu’s post where he edited like other spotters. Here’s my IF version! I might make a part 2 later, here are today’s featured members:

User: @Anshul28
Flight info: Messing around in solo in a NZ DC-10 over some foggy mountains. I think I did pretty well here copying his style. We’ll see what he says :)

User: @NoahM
Flight info: 787 flight to Delhi. He uses this angle quite often. Also tried to do the text like him.

User: @GameBoy_KIRB
This one was harder as GBK posts a lot of variety, but I really liked his C208 post, so I tried to do that style. Photo at TNCM

User: @Jack_Q
I feel like this is a classic Jack shot and aircraft. Route was AUS-LHR on the BA 772. I didn’t portray it as well as he does, but Jack never fails to amaze me with how good his raw photos are.

User: @Infinite_Qantas
This was harder than I thought it would be. IQ also doesn’t have a definitive style, but I noticed moonshots are in just about all of his posts, so that’s what I went with. Not the happiest with it. Route was just patterns at KLAX in Solo.

User: @Helmethead
Helmet is really unique, as he’s the only one I know who posts scenery shots that are so 🔥 Route was Doha to Auckland, scenery is the Outback 🇦🇺

User: @Kamryn
Ngl his parked 737 shot was pretty epic, I did it with an AF 772. Hi kamryn

That’s all for today folks, if you have a suggestion/challenge for me or anything else, let me know below. ✌️

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Very nice pictures Suhas, always perfect!

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But I actually have scenery below the aircraft 😝

Interesting and good post Suhas!


ayy im mentioned this is awesome! :D

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I mean, not even I know what style I have.
I just put it in the editor machine. Make it the way I like it and that’s that.
For the others you did great copying👏👏👏

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Yes I do use this camera angle a lot😂

I try to edit my photos as little as possible, just so people can see the most of the real photos.


Thanks y’all!

I thought you said “Eating like the outer IFC members”


👁 👄 👁


Thanks for editing like me :) I feel special

I have a lot of these photos that I havn’t shared but I did’nt know if people liked them! I’ll start doing these edits more!


How about my style? (Mainly vertical shots, Occasional lens flares and bringing out a lot of details via Lightroom, and yes. Don’t forget the rule of thirds 😉)


Dang I’m a noob compared to this, but I don’t have photoshop at the moment. 🤷‍♂️

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The scenery along with this livery mixes so well! Awesome shot :)


I almost never do IF edits anymore… Completely transitioned into RWA plane spotting from that. I will present my fav shots from years ago to see if u can replicate em though. Love seeing new members with pretty nice edits emerge


No problem Kamryn!

@Nate_Schneller 🤭🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️ Daaymmm

@Aero thank you, and @Pilot_urp cool, and thank you too!

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Absolutely Nailed it!

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What’s the rule of thirds?

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woah that is just stunning!


Amazing shots! I think that is the best moonshot I’ve ever seen!!

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