Editing KPSC (Tri-Cities Airport, Washington) for Infinite Flight | Full Editing Time-Lapse

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the final installment of a video series where I show the full process of editing different airports for Infinite Flight. Although many users, both in the community and out, are unaware of it, each airport in the simulator is manually edited by a group of volunteers called IFAET. We individually draw each taxiway, roadway, apron, and taxi marking in a process that sometimes takes several weeks of consistent work. In each part of this series, I have shown a full, start to finish time-lapse of the editing process of different airports that I edit around the world along with step-by-step descriptions of what I am doing and a before and after segment at the end. This is the last video I will make for this series due to the fact that I am leaving the IFAET, as I feel that Infinite Flight doesn’t the team’s work nearly the recognition and appreciation it deserves (DM me if you would like to discuss this). It has been awesome experience editing these airports, and I might return if there is an airport I really want to do in the future, but for now I would prefer to put my talents to use in places where I get the credit I deserve. But without further ado, here is KPSC. Enjoy!

Tri-Cities Airport (ICAO: KPSC) is a regional airport located in the southwestern corner of Washington State. It provides both commercial and private services for Richland, Kennewick, and Paco, hence the name “Tri-Cities”. The airport currently has 3 paved runways, a 5 gate terminal on the east, and a medium sized GA apron and hangar complex on the west. It is served by 4 airlines including Alaska, Delta, United, and Allegiant, most of which only use regional aircraft. I chose to edit this because I have briefly visited it in real life and am generally fascinated by regional airports in the US. Overall, it was lots of fun to edit due to its unique layout, and came out as a massive improvement over the auto-generated version.

The fully reworked airport was added in the latest airport update is now available for all to enjoy in Infinite Flight, so make make sure to check it out after you finish the video and tell me what you think! Thanks for watching, and have a great day! If you want to see more videos in this series, make sure to check out this playlist from my channel:



nice! that looks very confusing.


Awesome video. Very cool!

I am curious how long this project took you real time?


A little over 13 hours, spanned out though about a month.


Nicely done. Shows how much detail goes into an airport.


Well done! Proud to be apart of IFAET! This just gave me the motivation to hop on to good ol’ WED and finish up one of my airports!


This is incredible!!! Just shows how hard the IFAET works! Absolutely awesome!!


This is one of the backstage parts of Infinite Flight that I always wanted to see. Thanks for sharing.


That’s very cool! Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for the support, everyone!

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Just flew over them on my way to KSEA.


Awesome! KSEA is one of their primary destinations. I hope to do that route later this week!

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