Editing Issues Tutorial

Hello, IFC!

Welcome to this tutorial for photo editing!

In this topic, I will explain what to do in different situations and how to fix them with photo editors. This probably won’t help you now, but feel free to bookmark it if you ever need help!
For extra clarifications, please PM me!

Here we go!

Tutorials should work for most photo editing apps, but screenshots are from PhotoScapeX (App for MAC and PC)

Photo editors I use and recommend are:
Lightroom (however it is expensive)
PhotoScapeX (FREE)
SnapSeed (Mobile, FREE)

Backlit Photos

This is one of the most common and hard to fix issues in photos. Unfortunately, not much can be done for this one, but I will explain how to possibly improve a backlit photo.

Step 1
Open the photo in your app, and open the adjust color or brush tool.

I will be using this photo for the tutorial:

Use the tool and select the “brigten” option.
paint all over the aircraft , then click “enter”.
(brush all over aircraft)
now the aircraft is brighter!
Now, take the brush and select the “darken” function.
Paint all over everything except for the plane
click “Enter”
Now the plane is brighter than the background.

If overused, it will not look natural. Backlighting is the hardest thing to fix (in my opinion)

Pictures that are backlit in the first place have no chance of getting in JP or other databases.

Item In Front of Aircraft

This is quite simple to fix if it is not major.
Open your app, then go to the “healing brush” “spot fix” or “fix brush” tool (names will vary)
Zoom into the photo, where the object that needs to be removed is.
Use the brush and gradually paint over it (i recommend not doing it in one go)

Example: If it is a person, paint over the head, then enter, then the chest, etc. (not all in one go) or else it will confuse the brush :)

see the pole?
part by part, slowly remove it from the picture!
as you can see, there are minor anomalies that can’t be fixed, but it’s better than having an object blocking it.
the larger the object, the harder it will be to remove.

Picture is Soft

For this quick fix, use the “sharpen” tool, which should make things better. If the picture is grainy after using that, try using the “remove noise” or “denoise” tool.

Picture is Grainy

Simply use the “remove noise” or “denoise” tool to remove most grain.

Chromatic Aberration

Do you see purple/yellow lines on the sides of your aircraft?
Then you have chromatic aberration.
To remove this, use the “chromatic aberration removal” tool which is on most high-end photo editors.
If you do not have this, then try using a small paintbrush (not full opacity) and painting in the color that is supposed to be there.
There are many ways to fix this, but those are the 2 easiest.
Here is an example of Chromatic Aberration if you are having a hard time finding it:
The greenish glow on both sides of the engine are examples of it. It is easier to see when zoomed in a lot.

White Balance is Off

This is a very common problem, usually seen when shooting when it’s cloudy, during a sunset or from a window.
This is when the color in the picture is all wrong.
In this color, there is too much blue. This is because I shot through a terminal window on a cloudy day.
To fix this, take the temperature and tint sliders and drag them to the opposite side of the spectrum to make them cancel each other out.
these sliders (unedited picture as seen above)
fixed picture:

Airplane Takes Too Much/Too Little Room

If the aircraft is too small in the picture, use the “crop” tool to adjust it.
If it is too big, open snapseed to the “expand picture” tool to add more around it.
NOTE: The second tool only works with a simple background (blue sky, some clouds)
it will not invent a terminal that wasn’t in the picture.



Backlit: When the sun is on the opposite side of the aircraft than you are, so you see the non-lit side of it.
Soft: Unsharpened (like having poor eyesight and removing glasses)
Grainy: Pixels are too big, or visible. Looks like picture was painted on sand… (kinda)
Chromatic Aberration: The small colored outline of the subject caused by the camera (not there in real life)
White Balance: The balance of temperature and tint to represent the situation as the eye would see it.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or PM me!
If you have any suggestions, write them below and I will edit this post if necessary.

If you need help editing a photo, PM a google photos link of the full definition photo to me and I will edit it as you request

(I can’t do surreal things either, keep that in mind :)

Thank you!

I hope this helped!

Have a nice day!



will definitely try this once I get home! Would make my pictures so much better! Thanks for sharing!

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I would add to the CR section that you can try desaturating that color. My lens gives me a lot of purple and since I don’t photograph a lot of purple planes that’s a technique I’ve used a couple of times. It’s not perfect you can get a kinda think halo look because the CR area just becomes white but since usually CR areas are bright areas of the photo it’s not that noticeable. It’s hardly a perfect system though, but a good idea for some stubborn CR if you don’t have that color spectrum in your photo.

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I’m also gonna throw this in there, don’t do this. I think it’s nice for those of us who know the ropes to help people, but giving advice and doing it for them are very different. If you get all your photos edited for you you grow no skills or long term ability. I don’t think it helps anyone to edit others photos or to have your photos edited if you need help.

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my lens is full of green :P

Thanks for the tip as well! I just tried it and it works quite well, apart from the green NAV light disappearing :)

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Ya, that’s the hard part, my purple is pretty easy because especially since WOW went belly up we don’t get much purple around here.

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green tree in the background that suddenly went 50 shades of gray


If you hit “Remove Chromatic Aberrations” and there’s still purple but no green, that’s fringing. You can either desaturate the purples or use a brush with a high defringing index, although this can sometimes cause a bit of grey halo so be careful with it around areas of sky.


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