Editing? How About No

Editing? How About No.

Hey! Felix here. I just got Adobe Lightroom, and boy was I confused. I’ll get used to it eventually. Anyways, I made 2 photos that didn’t need to be edited at all, they just looked really good to my eyes. Hopefully you guys feel the same! These photos were taken from @DeltaFox’s White House flyout which was quite fun.


Aircraft & Livery: United 757-200
Server: Expert
Route: KDCA - KORD
Flight Time: 1:49

  1. Cockpit, Winglet, Engine
Sorry, this one is a little backlit. Here is a non backlit version.

  1. Tail, Winglet, Stabilizer

The first one is backlit, sorry.

The 757 is sure a beautiful aircraft, props to the IF team for implementing this beauty into IF!

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Thanks to you for looking at these shots! Merry Christmas!
Felix out.


I never edit my photos and they always turn out quite well. And I must say, your photos look amazing! Keep up the good work.


2nd looks very realistic!


the 2nd one looks the best but they are both very good! keep using it and I can see these photos becoming incredible! also, I’m glad you enjoyed my event!


You know it when there is a screenshot that doesn’t need any edit - just perfect as it is😍 lovely photos Felix! Thx for sharing.

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I especiall liked the first picture, the light and colours in IF can really be stunning! Thanks for sharing!

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Holy crap I just woke up to this! This is insane!

I usually do, but the only times I don’t are when the photos look this good! Thanks!

Yup, saw the same angle when I was at ORD during the beginning of the year!

It was a great event! Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks a lot MADCAT! I’m starting to see you a lot on the #screenshots-and-videos category! I like your pictures too!

New 757 is amazing! Thanks a lot Julian!


If one wasn’t backlit, that would’ve been my favorite

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Yeah I messed it up. Rip.

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