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Hey guys! Can anybody help me learn how to edit a screenshot with the plane visible but the entire background is black?

Hmmmmm… 🤔
Try googling/searching “how to make a transparent image”. I’m not sure myself, but hope you get somewhere with it!

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Hmmmm ok thx mate

I’m talking like this

Setting it to night works a lot of the time.

Set the replay to night, then edite the picture

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Heres a fun and simple way to do it. Take ur pic in night mode. Bring it to snapchat. Go to ur camera roll and bring up the pic. Then click edit. Then click draw. Then click on black, to edit out all of the stars, then save the picture, and then ur done!

I believe these are done with Snapseed, available on the AppStore and Play Store, you can also try going to space to make it a lot easier.

Yes Snapseed is very good for these types of things

I have an app called Magic Eraser somewhere along there

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