Editing FPL while cruising

Device: iPhone 7 (32GB, yeah, I know)
iOS: 11.

I looked for a similar post but couldn’t find one. On approach to my desired airport, I would pull up STAR charts with an aim to follow approach procedures to active runways. So, I would make amends to my flight plan by inserting waypoints in between, but as soon as I save, the active path defaults to the first path and the plane changes course, basically returning to the departure airport. Is this something that is looked at, or am I the only/few experiencing this?

Here’s my way: Try eliminating the “WPT” (listed at the top of the waypoint list when you head over to “MAP FPL”) from your flight plan and it should go back to normal. Once done, deactivate and reactivate NAV quickly if you’re on it. Hope this helps! ;)

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You can delete various waypoint from your fixes. In the map, look in the corner, and change it to ‘MAP +FPL’. It should look something like this:

If a waypoint is highlighted in yellow, that is the one you have selected. You can select other waypoints by tapping on them, and hitting the ‘-’ at the bottom. Then add new waypoints to your liking. I hope this helped!

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Hit the act leg button in the flight plan screen while the desired path is selected.


Yes it defaults back to the start waypoint. You need to click on the waypoint you would like to follow again and active it. It’s not ideal but just ensure it’s fully complete on the ground before taking off.

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The absolute easiest way to do this, is to remove the appropriate amount of final waypoints of your flight plan and add whatever waypoints you want to add manually by tapping them on the map and then tap the “+” symbol to add them.

I do this all the time…


I would recommend switching off NAV mode BEFORE making any changes to flight plan (If you’re using it). I’ve removed waypoints and changed a flight plan only to have my aircraft turn to a heading I didn’t want in an attempt to follow a new incomplete flight plan. Autopilot will keep you flying straight and level. Switch your NAV mode back on after you’ve made changes.


Oh, that’s another effective way of dealing with this. Thank you.

Thank you all for the different but effective advices. As they say, “there’s many ways to skin a cat”

I always do it how schyllberg explained. I delete each waypoint by starting at deleting the destination airport and work in reverse to the waypoint that i want to keep and then add new waypoints from there ending at the destination airport. Hasn’t given me any trouble so far!

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If only someone made a tutorial on how to do this 😒


Sorry man, i didn’t recall your detailed tutorial. Thank you for your efforts.

No worries I just like harassing everyone


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